How to Make Alcohol at Home

Homemade alcohol has been a staple of many beer and wine connoisseurs for generations. Some home brewers like the freedom of experimenting with their own mixes or the ability to make a large batch of alcohol for a fraction of the price of store-bought brands. Whatever your reason for making alcohol at home, you can quickly and easily make a batch of your own wine with just a few household ingredients and a little know-how. Grab that old milk jug, some sugar, and yeast and get started.

Sanitize the milk jug with the bleach and rinse it thoroughly. Mix the warm water with the sugar and yeast, then add the mixture and the grape juice concentrate to the milk jug. Shake it thoroughly.

Stretch the balloon over the lip of the jug opening and use the needle to poke five small holes in the balloon. Set the jug aside in a warm, dark place for approximately two weeks.

At the end of the two weeks, very carefully pour the contents of the jug into the wine bottles. Make sure that none of the solids, known as "must," float up from the bottom and get in the wine bottles, as they will give the wine a bitter taste. Enjoy the wine at your leisure.