Things to Do at an Elementary School Dance for Daddies & Daughters

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Father-daughter dances, whether held by a school or church, are one of those special times where dads can spend precious, one-on-one time with their little girl. As many of these dances are for elementary-aged children, planning activities other than dancing keeps everyone entertained. Include games, contests and sentimental activities that allow dads to shower their daughters with love and attention, making it a night they will both cherish for years to come.


Some father-daughter dances feature friendly competitions, such as a dance contest. It may be which pair can do the best type of dance, such as the the Twist. There may also be a competition just for the dads, to see which dad has the funniest dance moves. Other dances have themes and have best dressed contests for the pair whose outfit best fits the theme. For a big band theme, for example, you could wear costume clothing from the 1920s and '30s. For a Cinderella theme, go out all with a ball gown for the daughters and the dads dressing like Prince Charming.


Play a version of the Newlywed games for dads and daughters. Have the dads and daughters sit back to back. Ask questions about the daughters to the dads and vice versa. Choose questions meant to entertain, but not embarrass anybody. For example, you can ask things like, "Would dad consider himself to be a good cook?" and "On most days, does your daughter remember to make her bed in the morning?" Each person writes down an answer, and if it matches, they get a point. Another idea is to have racing games with father-daughter teams. For example, you could have a hula hoop race, where the dads must hula hoop and walk across the room to their daughters who must take the hoop and walk back to the other side.

Sentimental Activities

One idea is to separate daddies and daughters across the room and have them write a letter to each other. Encourage them to write anything they want, as long as it is from the heart. Dads might write bout about how proud they are of their daughters, while daughters might write about all the things their daddy does to make them happy or feel better. Another idea is to have little girls give their dads a "Best Dad" medallion or trophy. Each child can go up to the stage one at a time and present their dad with the award and say why her dad is the best dad for her. You should also play a special song about dads and daughters, such as "Butterfly Kisses," by Bob Carlisle.


Have a photographer available for dads and daughters to pose for official portraits they can purchase later. Have an instant picture camera so they can take home a free picture that night. Another idea is to have a photo booth where daughters can get in the booth with their dad to take silly pictures. Include fun props, such as hats and feather boas. Another idea is to offer disposable cameras at the tables in case dads forget to bring their camera.