Funny Ways to Ask a Girl to Homecoming

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Asking a girl to the homecoming dance can be a nerve-wracking experience. Asking her with a creative proposal just may ensure you the date of your dreams. Not only will a creative homecoming proposal get her attention, but it will also show her that she is worth the effort. If she has a good sense of humor, she is bound to love a creative and funny homecoming proposal.

Dress as the Mascot

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Ask the appropriate teacher or coach if you can borrow the school's mascot costume. During lunch or another time when a lot of students are gathered together, show up in the mascot uniform and approach the girl you want to ask with a humorous note related to the mascot costume and that also asks her to homecoming For example, if the mascot uniform is a bird of some sort, "fly" over to her, flapping your wings and give her a note that says something like, "Fly away to homecoming with me?" Include your name on the note if the mask covers your face.

Parking Ticket

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If the girl has a car, leave what looks to be a parking ticket on her windshield. Research or obtain a copy of a parking ticket someone you know may have and create a replica on your computer. In the section that states what the violation is, write something like, "Being beautiful" or "Being smart, funny and gorgeous." In the fine/fee section, write, "Going to the homecoming dance with John," replacing the name with your own. Another idea is to cover her car in parking ticket envelopes that all have "Homecoming?" written on them, which she won't see until she is very close to her car.

Grade School Invitation

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A funny and cute way to ask her to the homecoming dance is to ask her in a child-like note. Write out a note in crayon that says, "Heather, will you go to the homecoming dance with me? Check the "yes," "no" or "maybe" box." Draw a box underneath all three options and send it to her through a friend. You can also decorate the note with a crayon picture and stick figures representative of you and the girl holding hands and smiling.

Clown Delivery

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Dress up as a clown, complete with makeup. Go up to her in the clown outfit and pretend to do a magic trick that has her pulling out handkerchiefs attached to each other from the sleeve of your shirt. Each handkerchief should have one word on it so that the entire message reads, "Will you go to the homecoming dance with me?" You could also say something silly, such as, "Clown around with me at homecoming?" Be committed and play the part of a goofy clown as you approach her to make it even funnier.