How to Ask a Girl to Homecoming With a Scavenger Hunt

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High school students look forward to the yearly homecoming dance in their schools. Girls spend time choosing the right dress while the guys look for the right suit. Guys and girls usually go to the dance together and in many cases the guy asks the girl to the dance. A creative way for a guy to ask his girlfriend to the homecoming dance is to ask her through a scavenger hunt.

Write on a piece of paper "For the prettiest girl in school, I have a message for you. Head to the cafeteria to find the first word." Role the paper up, tape a single rose to it and place it in the girl's locker.

Take another piece of paper and write on it "Will." Make an arrow at the bottom of the page indicating the need to turn the page over. On the other side write "Go to your science buddy for the next word." Choose a person to wait by the door of the cafeteria in order to give the girl the rolled up piece of paper before she enters the doors.

Hand the girl's science buddy a picture of the girl with the word "You" and an arrow to turn the page over. On the back write, "Go to your next class and someone will meet you at the door with the next word."

Assign a friend who shares the same class as the girl to be in charge of the next clue. The friend will hold up a paper that has a picture of a traffic light on it. Under the traffic light the paper has written on it "green means?" and she will have to guess the word "go." The sign holder will then hand her a rolled up piece of paper containing the message: "Your message writer will be waiting for you after school, outside by the flag."

Blow up a balloon and take a balloon pen and write on it "(your name) + (her name) = Homecoming?" Attach a bag of hearts candies to the end of the balloon string by tying the string around the bag. Hand the balloon to the girl and await her response.