Silly 20th Birthday Party Ideas

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Now that you're turning 20, it may feel like an endless year before you turn 21. Don't panic, it happens to the best of us. So what is it that you can do now that you won't have to wait a whole long year for, legally that is? There are many silly ideas for a birthday party that is sure to bring lasting memories.

Shake the Birthday Blues

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If you find yourself thinking about all the things you haven't accomplished yet or the stupid things you did as a teenager, do something really silly to shake yourself out of it. Retrospection is real and very common for a 20-year-old, but beating yourself up for being a teenager is pretty silly.

Silly Ideas

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Write down all the silly things you have done since you became a teenager, then compare that list to who you are now. You will find that you are a lot more mature and are definitely an adult.

Invite your friends over for a pot luck dinner. Have them bring your favorite foods and choose a silly theme such as "oldies music," "Hollywood," "favorite movie" or "1920s dances." The important thing is to have fun, even if it seems silly.

Plan some outdoor activities with your friends. Rent and ride in a canoe while wearing a fake raccoon hat, rent a two- or three-seat bicycle, visit all the crazy museums in town or go to a special tea house at high noon while wearing bonnets and gloves.

Do something you haven't done since you were a kid. For instance, go to the playground and play on the swings, write in a diary, write love notes or poems, throw the Frisbee with your dog, play the board game Monopoly, play the card game War, walk a fence, climb a tree, anything you can think of that is safe and legal.

More Great Ideas

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Have a blended drink party and play dominoes. Some good drinks are coconut and orange cream, lime and lemon crush, almond coconut cream, spicy Snappy Tom, flavored rum coffee and vanilla ice cream, or better yet rum ice cream Ala mode. The list is endless.

Have a pinata party, fill it with your favorites such as miniature chocolates and packets of gummy bears.

Go horseback riding in a cowboy or Indian suit.

Rent a buggy, or a man-powered bicycle with a friend and ride around to all the ice cream shops.

Go to the county fair and visit the petting zoo. While you are at the fair, go on the silly rides like the Ferris wheel or bumper cars.

Gather all your friends and have a finger painting contest.

Go roller skating.

Babysit a young relative for the day so you can have a great excuse to go watch a cartoon at the movie theater. Their silliness can be contagious.

Make it Last

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After trying any of the above ideas, keep that silly feeling with you for the rest of the year, and remember that turning 20 is really not all that bad.