How to Welcome Your Wife at the Airport

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Somewhere in your wedding vows you probably mentioned always being there for your wife -- which includes picking her up at the airport instead of suggesting that she take a cab. Fulfill your promise and then some by greeting her after her flight with a warm and sincere welcome.

What to Do

The first thing you can do to show your love is to make sure you are there on time. Track the flight and, if you are unfamiliar with the airport, figure out where to meet her ahead of time. Once you arrive at the airport, park the car. Sure, it's less expensive to pick her up at the curb, but that just shows her that you're more interested in saving money than greeting her properly. Paying to park, on the other hand, lets her know that she's worth the extra cost and allows you to carry her luggage for her. You might also want to pick up a small welcome gift, or greet her with flower bouquet of her favorite blooms or a hot espresso or chocolate if it's cold outside.

How to Act

Greet her with enthusiasm and warmth. Don't launch into a list of what the kids did wrong, how you burned the dinner, or any other complaints. Instead, look her into the eyes, smile, tell her how glad you are that she's back -- and give her a hug or kiss. This shows her that what's first and foremost on your mind is how much you missed her -- and not just her cooking.