How to Word a Thank You Note to Your Bridal Shower Host

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A bridal shower hostess can spend a large quantity of time planning a party. Tasks include securing and paying for a venue, or offering her own home and preparing it, making or purchasing food, hand writing invitations and mailing them to guests, decorating, and other jobs that may need to be done to insure a successful shower. For all the work that goes into throwing a bridal shower, it is both polite and important that the hostess be honored with a sincere thank you note from the bride telling her how much her efforts were appreciated and enjoyed.

Purchase a pretty set of note cards and a blue or black ink pen. Printed note cards can be difficult to write around if the words are printed in the middle of the card, and colored ink can be difficult to read for some people.

Address the hostess with "Dear _," and then begin writing the note. Avoid using the words "I" and "me" too often, and instead focus on vocabulary such as "you," to insure the focus of the note is on the kind efforts of the hostess. A sample opening sentence can be simply, "Thank you so much for the beautiful bridal shower you threw for me."

Mention specific activities, decorations, and snacks from the shower. Say how much you enjoyed a particular game, or how lovely the table was decorated, or that a type of cupcake the hostess made was delicious. If the shower was held in the hostess's own home, it's also appropriate to comment on her home being lovely.

Thank the hostess for any gift she might have given you in addition to the shower itself. Specifically state how you intend to use the gift.

Sign the note with an appropriate signature such as "love," "your friend," or a similar phrase, sign your name, and neatly tuck the note into a matching envelope to be delivered by mail or by hand.