How to Take Care of Your Girlfriend or Wife When She's Sick

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You can score major boyfriend points the next time your girlfriend gets sick. Show her you've been listening to her and impress her by taking care of her when she's sick.

Prepare ahead of time by knowing your girlfriend's favorite foods and movies she likes when she's sick. This is likely to be different than what she likes when she's healthy. Bring over some of these foods and movies when you know she's sick. Use Netflix or Blockbuster to get the movies ahead of time if you don't have them.

Take her to the doctor. If she's sick enough to see a doctor, she will probably not want to drive. Be a man and drive her to the doctor's office. If she is prescribed medicine take her to the pharmacy next.

Take care of her chores. Sick people don't have the energy to do things like wash dishes, do laundry, walk the dog or run errands. Show her you care and take care of these chores for her.

Make sure she's comfortable by giving her enough blankets and pillows. If she wants to sleep, turn out the lights. Give her a quick backrub if it will help her feel better.

Attend to her by taking her temperature if she has a fever. Bring her water or juice and any medicine she needs so she doesn't have to leave the bed or couch. Cook for her if she's hungry enough to eat.

Items you will need

  • Girlfriend's favorite movies
  • Girlfriend's favorite foods


  • Most people have a "sick routine" - usually what they got to do as children when they were sick. Try to find out her sick routine ahead of time and repeat it when she's sick.

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