Gifts for New Moms From a Husband

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Being a new mommy is one of the most wonderful and stressful times in a woman’s life. Sleepless nights, birth recovery and constant crying can take its toll on even the most patient of mothers. A special gift from her loving husband can go a long way in making this transition easier.

Spa Package

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Silence is a precious gift. A day away from the house and away from the baby being pampered is a wonderful way to rejuvenate a new mom. Anything from a manicure and pedicure to an hour-long massage to ease away the tension can mean the difference between a stressed-out wife and a more relaxed wife. Baby-weight and shirts stained with spit-up can take a toll on how a woman sees herself in the mirror. So add a new hair color or haircut to the mix to give the woman you love a boost of self confidence.


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Another thing a doting husband can give to the mother of his child is time. Simply taking the baby out for the day or even couple of hours if she is breastfeeding can allow your wife time to recollect and regroup. In those short hours, she can catch up on the book she can never seem to finish or just curl up in bed for some uninterrupted sleep. If you really want to get spiffy, before you take the baby out, run your wife a hot bath with scented candles. Small gestures like this can make a new mother see how much you appreciate what she is doing and how hard it is to take care of a newborn.


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One stress to a new mother is trying to juggle taking care of her baby and keeping the house clean. Allow her time to adjust to motherhood by getting her a housekeeper for six months. This way she can put all her attentions on the baby without worry of the growing pile of laundry and dishes in the sink. You can also add to this by finding a housekeeper who is willing to cook dinner for your family.

Push Presents

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A new phenomenon in gift giving to new mothers are "Push Presents." This gift is designed for the husband to give to his wife after delivery. It’s a memory piece for that special day your child is born. Some examples of "Push Presents" are diamond earrings or a necklace. Even a new outfit to wear home from the hospital will work. If you want to be really creative, surprise your wife with a newly decorated bedroom to come home to. For an over-the-top gift, a husband can also surprise his wife with a new car to aid in their growing family.