Pregnancy Gift for a Daughter

by Barbie Carpenter

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life, and if that woman is your daughter, you're surely thrilled by the prospect of becoming a grandparent. Watching your "little girl" become a mother of her own can be a joyful experience worthy of celebrating. Although your daughter will be showered with gifts for her baby before her pregnancy, you can commemorate this meaningful time in her life by giving her a gift just for her.

Maternity Clothes

Once your daughter adjusts emotionally to being pregnant, she will begin to notice physical changes. Often, dressing fashionably can be a challenge at the mom-to-be's belly grows and body changes. Help your daughter celebrate her new look by giving her maternity clothes. Unless you know your daughter's style well, take her for a day of lunch and maternity clothes shopping, and you can pick up the tab. If you live in different states, you can give your daughter a gift card to a store specializing in maternity fashions.

Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is a meaningful time full of daily changes, changes that your daughter will want to remember. Give her a journal where she can record her thoughts about her pregnancy. She'll enjoy reflecting on those nine months, journaling about her emotions, her ultrasounds and her relationship with her partner. Many companies specialize in journals for pregnancy, which include calendars for the mom-to-be to record doctor's appointments, baby showers and ultrasounds. Or, simply buy her an attractive blank journal, where she can write freely about her pregnancy.

Digital Camera

Your pregnant daughter's life is about to change -- in a good way. Help her record the changes by giving her a digital camera. During her pregnancy, she can take pictures of her ever-growing baby bump, which will be fun to reflect on years down the road. She can also capture significant moments like her baby shower. Once her bundle of joy arrives, your daughter will be able to capture many pictures of baby with the new digital camera -- and you'll benefit by getting to see them.

Fetal Doppler

Perhaps your daughter is anxious about her pregnancy, hoping that the baby is developing normally. Those weeks between doctor's appointments can seem like months. Help ease her mind by purchasing her a fetal doppler, which allows her to listen to her baby's heartbeat at home. Similar to the handheld dopplers used at her doctor's office, this home version can allow your daughter and her partner to experience the soothing sound of their little one's galloping heartbeat.

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