How to Eat Raspberries

How to Eat Raspberries. Sweet red raspberries taste good eaten raw or baked in a variety of goods. In ancient times, raspberries were used as medicine. Today, they are known for their taste and nutritional value.

Wash hand picked raspberries and enjoy their fresh taste. For a sweeter treat, add whipped cream or sugar to the raspberries. Freeze any leftover berries and use at a later date. Crush overripe raspberries into juice.

Combine raspberries with chocolate to make a tasty topping for a tart. Add a dollop of custard to the top for extra rich flavor.

Bake oatmeal cookies and add fresh raspberries to the mix. Or bake vanilla cookies and add raspberry filling on top to make a jam-like cookie.

Make fresh bread dough. Divide it into 3 equal pieces. Roll each piece into a long thin round strip. Add raspberries and sugar to the middle strip. Braid the long dough pieces into a large loaf. Bake like bread. Sprinkle sugar on top and slice.

Bake a pie crust. Add stewed raspberries and sugar to the crust. Cover and bake for a tasty raspberry pie.

Boil raspberries and sugar in a pot on the stove. Let cool. Use as a glaze for desserts like cake and pie.

Make a flat cake in a jelly-roll pan. Cover the cake with raspberry filling and cream. Roll the cake up and slice into jelly roll circles.

Bake lemon or vanilla cupcakes from a store bought cake mix. Add raspberries to the mix or scoop the cake mix into muffin tins. With the muffin tins half full, add a spoonful of raspberry filling to each tin. Cover with more batter and bake until done.