Sweet Things to Do for Your Boyfriend While He's Out of Town

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When your boyfriend gets home from an out-of-town trip, he'll be thrilled to find that you spent the time apart doing something thoughtful for him. Knowing him as well as you do, consider what you could do that would mean the most to your boyfriend. The list of sweet things you can do for your man are limited only by your imagination.

Clean His Home

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Cleaning your boyfriend's house or apartment is one of the sweetest things you can do for your man. Tidy up the clutter and dust the place. Attack the floors with gusto; vacuum the carpets and sweep and mop the floors. Clean the bathrooms and tidy up the kitchen, being sure to wipe down all the countertops. Make the bed and, if you're really motivated, clean the fridge.

Make Him a Scrapbook

If your boyfriend likes sentimental gestures, spend some of the time he is gone making him a scrapbook. Document your courtship through pictures and mementos of places you have been together and events you have attended. Write him notes throughout the scrapbook, telling him what he means to you. Leave the book where he'll find it upon his return.

Stock His Freezer

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If you are a decent cook, spend some time stocking your boyfriend's freezer with his favorite foods. This is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your man's face when he returns. Foods that freeze especially well are casseroles, meat sauces, soups without cream or cheese, cookies and bread dough. Make sure to label each item and attach cooking or reheating directions to the package.

Write a Love Letter

A sweet thing to do for your boyfriend when he is out of town is to write him a letter telling him how you feel about him. Write the letter on high-end stationery and use a gel-type pen that flows smoothly on the paper. Depending on how long your boyfriend is gone, either mail the letter to where he is or leave it for him to see when he returns home.

Wash His Laundry

Men who dislike doing laundry would appreciate coming home and finding their clothes hamper empty. Wash and dry clothes with similar colored items. Fold them when they are dry and put them back in your boyfriend's closet. Iron wrinkled items before putting them away. If your man has items that need to be dry cleaned, drop them off at the cleaners.

Call Just Because

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If your boyfriend is out of town, it's nice to call him from time to time just to tell him you are thinking of him. Nothing needs to have happened and there doesn't need to be something wrong -- just tell him you miss him and he's in your thoughts. If your boyfriend isn't a phone person, text or e-mail him to say you are thinking of him.