Romantic Ideas When Husband Is on Travel

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It can be difficult to keep the home fires burning when your husband is traveling. Whether he is gone overnight in a nearby town or is deployed for a year across the world, little gestures of love can remind him of your romance and commitment, and can keep you tied together across the miles.


Just telling him you love him can make a world of difference in your husband's busy, stressful life. Send him a text or email with those simple words. Include a special quote or inside joke that you know will bring a smile to his face. Avoid anything too daring or personal, which could at best embarrass of fluster him during the workday or at worst be considered inappropriate by the wrong set of eyes. For a little surprise, write a note or two and tuck them into your loved one's suitcases or briefcase before he leaves. Happening upon these encouraging notes while he unpacks will lessen the loneliness. Make a video or audio recording of a daily ritual or quote, such as what you tell him each morning before work or each night before bed, so he can listen to it at just the right time of day, to fill in the void.


Tuck in his suitcase a DVD that you have both been wanting to watch. Include a note that you will be renting or buying the same one at home. You can each watch it while you are apart and discuss your thoughts. Put together a playlist of songs on his MP3 player or a CD so he can listen to a selection of romantic, comforting songs whenever he feels especially lonely. You could also put some snacks into his bags. For an added surprise, call the hotel ahead of time, or during his trip, and order him room service. Don't forget to send him off with a framed picture of yourself that he can set beside his bed.


If you really want to surprise your husband, make plans to visit him. You can slip a note into his bag, saying "see you soon" and explaining your plans. He will find the surprise just as he settles into his room, missing you. Upgrade the idea by showing up in the lobby or other common area and surprising him when he arrives at the hotel.