Gift Ideas for Aries Men

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People who were born between March 21 and April 20 fall into the zodiac category of Aries. An Aries is said to be, among other personality traits, take-charge, independent, adventurous, courageous and exciting, and they constantly crave change. Knowing these things about an Aries man can help you to choose gifts for him that he will thrill over.

Theme Park Tickets

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Since an Aries man is courageous and loves adventure, tickets to a theme park are a great gift idea for him. Make sure that this park has lots of fast-paced roller coasters to keep him satisfied. While he would likely enjoy a trip to Walt Disney World, theme parks like Six Flags, Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens or Cedar Point will be more up his alley. If you buy a ticket for yourself to go along with him, remember to let him choose which rides you go on. This will satisfy his need to be in charge.

Personalized Gifts

Aries men think highly of themselves, and want you to think highly of them as well. Buying them a personalized item will show him that you were definitely thinking of him when making the purchase. If he enjoys playing drums, get him drum sticks engraved with his name; a tankard with a personalized plaque will work well coupled with an imported case of his favorite exotic beer; or even an engraved valet box with a nice pair of cuff links inside will be sure to hit a chord.

Video Games

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The Aries man often prefers a fun gift over a practical one. This is why video games are an obvious choice. Find out what type of gaming system he has and peruse through his games. If you take note of a few titles, the guys at your local video game store can help you to pick out a game that is right up his alley. If you want to go for a bigger purchase and get him a new gaming system, consider a Nintendo Wii or an Xbox Kinect so your Aries man can physically get in on the gaming action.


Aries is a fire sign and ruled by Mars. Gifts that revolve around fire will be infinitely intriguing for an Aries man. A new barbecue grill is an obvious choice, but other options include a fire pit for his backyard, or an electric fireplace for in his house. To combine his love of adventure and fascination of fire, plan a camping trip and let him be in charge of building the fire.