Special Wedding Gifts for a Niece

Wedding Gifts

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Watching your niece walk down the aisle can be every bit as emotional as your daughter getting married, especially if you've shared a close bond over the years. Instead of giving her cash or buying her a kitchen accessory off her wedding registry, evaluate your relationship and give her a gift that will stand out from the rest.

Sentimental Ideas

Getting a wedding gift for your niece is an ideal time to be sentimental. Think of something you shared as she was growing up, whether it was a love of stuffed animals, tea in the garden, pedicures or romantic movies. Tailor your special gift to these interests; for example, buy her a high-end stuffed animal that resembles her favorite teddy bear as a kid, book a pedicure for you to enjoy together or make a homemade box set of the old movies you used to watch.

Share Your Words

Skip the temptation to put together a scrapbook for your niece and, instead, write her a letter about your hopes for her married life. Share some thoughts you've learned through your own marriage and relate them to her personality or upbringing. For example, remind your niece that being strong, yet gentle is important in a marriage and note that she'll excel in this department because of her relationships as a teenager. Roll the letter, secure it with a ribbon and leave it in an area she'll find on the morning of her wedding.

Personal Possessions

Giving personal possessions as gifts doesn't work in most cases, but it's something your niece will treasure. Think of something of yours that she's always admired or valued, whether it's a piece of jewelry with a rich family history or the cookbook you used when you taught her how to cook as a child. Provided you're ready to part with this item, it can become one of the most memorable gifts your niece receives for her wedding.

Share an Experience

Gift cards won't fly for your niece's wedding, but a homemade voucher to enjoy an experience together is an effective approach, especially if you're on a budget. If your relationship has revolved around simple events such as baking together, playing a duet on the piano or even browsing through a farmer's market, write up a homemade voucher that entitles her to share these moments with you in the future. This gift is a subtle reminder that even though she's getting married, you still want to get together. Some ideas might also be suitable for including her spouse in your special tradition.