How to Make Memory Jars

Diane Steinbach

A memory jar is just a way of letting family and friends know that you cherish moments in time that were special to you. After all, we can't really capture a memory in a jar, although we can hang on to trinkets that remind us of the event. A real memory is made up of so much more that material items. It's the feeling, the sights and sounds of a special moment that make up the memory, and concrete things sometimes distract from the true magic that makes up a cherished memory.Use a memory jar to commemorate moments in time that can't be remembered or reflected any other way. It's a great way to keep your fondest memories alive, or share them with friends.

Gather all your materials and begin to think about a cherished memory. It may be the moment your beloved proposed or ask you out on your first date, the first time you saw a bald eagle, or a quiet moment with a newborn son or daughter. If you are making a gift item, think about important moments between you and the gift recipient.

Take the brown paper and cut a very small slip of paper that you can write a few words on. Choose a few words that reflect that memory, and trim the paper away to make a type of label.

Seal your empty glass bottle with the cork or cap.

Using the gold string or ribbon, tie a bow around the top of the bottle.

Attach the "label" to the end of the string. Now you have "captured that moment in the bottle."

If you are making these for yourself, make up a few of them and display together for visitors to share and look at. As a gift, make up a few and include a few blank labels and bottles so your friend can add to their collection. Put gift bottles in a small bag for a nice presentation.