Graduation Gifts for Cosmetology School

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The beauty industry is one of the only industries that is practically infallible in times of economic woe. While having a child decide to attend “beauty school” rather than college might seem like a disappointment to many parents, it might offer your child a more lucrative career with constant demand than a liberal arts degree can guarantee. Show your loved one how proud you are that she completed her cosmetology hours with a thoughtful gift that will send her off into an exciting field prepared.

Equipment Upgrades

Chances are good that when your friend or child entered cosmetology school, she was given a beginner-quality kit containing all of the tools she would need to complete the school curriculum. Chances are equally good that those tools will only last long enough to complete the curriculum, or if they outlast school, will be of slightly embarrassing quality to bring to a fancy new job. Treat your new graduate to some equipment upgrades to help him do his job better and let him walk into jobs with tools he can be proud of. Items he might need help upgrading include shears, texture shears, flat irons and blow dryers.

Equipment Storage

Your recent graduate might have had a locker at school in which to keep her supplies, but upon graduation, she is going to need a safe place to keep her precious tools. If she plans to rent a chair in a salon, she might even need to take her tools back and forth to work each day. She will really appreciate a rolling kit with compartments for organizing clips and combs and slots for each brush. One with a lock will ensure her things are safe if she does leave them in the salon at night. She might also appreciate a kit for working on location if she plans to do photo shoots or hair for film. These might be rolling kits or can be specialized totes or duffel bags.

Business Tools

Help your friend make a name for himself in the beauty industry by getting him an order of spiffy new business cards. It can be hard to build a clientele at first, but it certainly makes it easier to pick up new clients while you are out on the town if you can give them your contact or booking information in a professional manner. Another great tool that you could give as a gift is having a look-book printed with his best work inside to take on interviews or help him get a portfolio website up and running.

The Less Pragmatic Options

Gifts like equipment, kits and business tools can be expensive, so don’t feel limited to things she can actually use for work. There are adorable necklaces with scissors on them available online at sites like Fredflare and Modcloth. Look into a subscription to a periodical for industry professionals, like Behind the Chair. And if you think she might be bored by cosmetology-specific gifts altogether, get her something that is purely celebratory like a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant or an hour-long massage for the day after her state board exam.