How to Write a Romantic Dinner Invitation to Your Husband

TanawatPontchour/iStock/Getty Images

A romantic rendezvous with your hubby can fan the flames of passion in your marriage. You don't have to wait for him to take the lead. Whether it’s been two or 20 years, inviting your husband to a surprise treat will definitely confirm that you care for him; sending him a clear message that he is important and special to you. Use your creativity to give him an invitation that he can't refuse.

Be Creative, Spontaneous and Mysterious

Step 1

Use special stationary. Decide on the style of the paper and envelope that will help to bring across your message best. Leave a trail of red, heart shaped Post-it notes; each with a line of the invitation written on. Create your own card using found items around the house. To make it even more special, include something personal that holds meaning for both you and your husband. This could be a shell he had given you on your vacation at the beach or the locket he bought you as an anniversary gift. Top it off by spraying the note with the perfume he loves or seal it with a red sticky kiss.

Step 2

Make the language personal. Address the invitation using the nickname you have for him. This will pique his interest from the start. Write a line or two that you know will make him smile. You may write formally or make it silly and sweet. Compose a poem or take one from a collection. Include a few lines from his favorite song. Make your closing and signature just as personal by using the romantic nickname he has for you.

Step 3

Suggest something for him to wear or bring with him on the dinner date. This will add some intrigue to the affair. Depending on the setting for your dinner, you may suggest a dinner jacket if you want to be more formal. For a candlelight picnic under the stars in your backyard you may ask him to wear some shorts and come bare-footed. Consider color coding by having him wear a shirt or tie that will match the color of your dress. Ask him to buy a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, a tub of the ice cream you both love or to pick you a flower from the garden.

Step 4

Show him the way to the dinner. Don't just write the address; whether it's in your own dining room or at a restaurant. Draw a map to lead him to where the romantic dinner awaits, if you plan to dine in. You can print a map or directions from the Internet if you plan on having your surprise somewhere else. Create some clues or a puzzle to solve that will let him guess where he'll be dining, but don't make it too hard. You do want him to find you.