How to Get Your Boyfriend to Take Pictures With You

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Pictures of you and your boyfriend can send an important message -- that you are a happy couple. Taking pictures with your boyfriend can be a tough task, however, especially if he's camera shy. Unfortunately, your boyfriend's lack of interest in taking pictures with you does not keep your friends and family from wondering why you don't have "couple photos" to share. Being honest with your boyfriend about your desire for couple photos can encourage him to let his guard down and pose for pictures with you.

Step 1

Ask politely; don't demand. Mom was right when she told you about the importance of saying "please." In addition, Toni Coleman, a relationship coach from Virginia, as interviewed in "Women's Day" magazine, advises gently putting "a persuasive hand" on his back or arm when you ask your mate to do something he may be hesitant to do. Calmly explain why taking pictures together is important to you.

Step 2

Provide your boyfriend with incentives that inspire him to take pictures with you. Let your boyfriend know that you are willing to do something for him in exchange for his cooperation. Such incentives could include, but are not limited to, preparing him a gourmet meal of his favorite dish or running an errand for him.

Step 3

Go to a location that's meaningful to him. Your boyfriend might not want to take pictures with you in your home, but he could be inspired to pose for pictures in a location that holds significance in his life, such as his workplace or a place where he participates in a hobby. Such work and hobby locations could include, but are not limited to, his fire station if he's a firefighter or his boat if he's a hobby fisherman.

Step 4

Take pictures of each other to lighten the mood. Let him pick the picture-taking spots, such as in front of a fire truck or on the deck of his boat. Ask someone nearby to take a few snapshots of the two of you together. Being in an environment he enjoys and having you there with him could make your boyfriend more comfortable and more willing to pose for pictures with you.

Step 5

Play dress-up and put on your most fashionable outfits and accessories. Build your boyfriend's ego by telling him how great he looks. You can help him to relax by getting into character, such as playing a supermodel or dancer, and letting him take some pictures of you. Build his enthusiasm for having his picture taken by encouraging him to get into character mimicking his favorite actor or singer, and take a few pictures of him.

Step 6

Set your camera on a tripod or a stack of books and set the timer to take pictures. Make your picture-taking session with your boyfriend a contest and have fun seeing how fast each of you can get in front of the camera and into character before the picture snaps.