How to Set Up a Polaroid Guest Book Station

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A wedding guest book can be much more than a simple list of your guest's names. By creating a guest book with pictures and personal messages, you can have a keepsake you will treasure for years to come. One way to do this is to create a Polaroid guest book. A photographer takes Polaroid pictures of your guests, and then tapes their pictures into the guest book. The guests then write messages to you next to their pictures. Although this is more complicated than a traditional guest book, you can keep it running smoothly by setting up an efficient guest book station.

Ask one or two of your guests to be your "guest book photographer." Having designated photographers will be easier than having your guests take their own pictures because the photographers will know exactly how to move guests through the station. It also means that you will not have incomplete family or group photos because no member of that group will be stuck taking pictures. A bridesmaid or groomsman with a good eye for photography makes an ideal guest book photographer.

Write up instructions for your guests explaining that you want each guest or group of guests to take a picture of themselves, tape it to the guest book, and write a message beside the picture. Even if you have a designated guest book photographer, these written instructions will be helpful if he needs to leave the guest book station.

Find a location in your reception hall that is close enough to the entrance for your guests to notice it, but not so close that your guests will clog up the doorway as they wait to get their pictures taken.

Set up a table for your guest book station. Put the guestbook, pens, cameras, tape and instructions on top of the table. Store the extra film under the table in case you run out.

Tack a piece of fabric in your wedding colors to the wall next to the table, or fasten it to a large frame. This is optional, but it gives your guests a backdrop for the photos.