How to Throw a Candle Party

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Throwing a candle party is an ideal solution to sell the candles you made at home, or candles you have through an independent sales company. Going door to door takes time, and you will have to give your demonstrations over and over again. Gathering everyone together in your home for a candle party means only one demonstration and two hours of your time.

Choose a candle company to do business with if you aren't making your own candles. Always check the company out with the Better Business Bureau. To further make sure the company is legitimate, confirm that it's a member of the Direct Selling Association. Then examine the companies to see which one has the best products with the highest commission.

Set a date for your candle party. It should be at least three weeks away. Create a list the same day of guests you want to invite. Always invite more guests than you want to make up for the guests that don't show.

Make your own invitations or use the ones provided by the company for which you are selling the candles. If you are making your own, a simple word-processing program that allows you to add candle clip-art will do. Mail the invitations within a few days of picking the party date.

Plan a few candle games to play during the party. Wrap three different scented candles in dark tissue paper. Have guests smell each and guess what the scent is. Give a small prize to anyone who guesses correctly. Another candle party game involves shouting out candle scents in order of the alphabet. For example, the beginning of your game will sound something like this: apple cinnamon, blackberry, cotton candy.

Set up a snack area. Have a few appetizers or snacks on hand for your guests. Pretzels, cheese and pepperoni, pizza bites and vegetables with dip are all good choices for a candle party. Set out some sparkling cider or wine so your guests have something to drink.

Display your candles on a table that is viewable by all of your guests. Conduct your demonstrations from that table and allow for any questions. Be sure to pass some of the candles around so all of the guests can get a closer look.

Take orders and collect the money once you have finished your demonstration and candle games. During this time, guests can get up and view the items on your table as well as mingle and discuss purchasing options with other guests. Be available to help guests fill out their order forms.

Send the ordered items to your guests, or drop them off yourself to save shipping charges. Give each guest a thank-you card when you give him his candles.