What is Dirilyte Golden-Hued Flatware?

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The Dirilyte company began business as Dirigold. Dirilyte continues business but ceased making its golden-hued flatware in 1986. The flatware collection became popular in the early 20th century, boasting a few features that were new and exciting to many a hostess of the era. Dirilyte golden-hued flatware continues to finds a place on tables and in collections.

Gold Ore Not

Dirilyte golden-hued flatware is not plated and does not contain any gold. It gets it coloring from a solid-through bronze alloy. The company produced four standard golden-hued flatware patterns: Empress, Tuscany, Regal and Florentina. Dirilyte made flatware sets and various open-stock pieces, including jelly spoons, pickle forks and fish knives. The flatware is not dishwasher safe. In 1961, the company began using a bonded protectant on its flatware, holloware and table accessories. The protectant has a distinct sparkle and negates the need for polishing. Hand Industries, Inc. acquired the Dirilyte flatware business in 1972.