Ideas for a 21st Birthday Surprise

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A 21st birthday is a reason to celebrate. It marks the year that a person is able to buy alcoholic beverages and is seen as officially being an adult. To make a 21st birthday special, throw the 21-year-old a surprise party. There are many ideas to choose from when planning this perfect birthday surprise.

Outdoor Party

Send out invitations to the guests that are in the shape of a tree and let them know that this is a surprise 21st birthday party and they need to keep it a secret. Decorate the outdoor party area with fake plants and trees, tiki torches and 21st birthday signs in the birthday person's favorite color. Have guests hide behind the fake plants and trees and yell "surprise" when the birthday person arrives. Play games like horseshoes, croquet and beer pong for the 21 and older guests. Set up an area for the guests to sit with lounge chairs. Serve food that can be cooked on the barbecue grill, such as hot dogs and hamburgers with sides like potato salad and coleslaw. Provide both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

Scavenger Hunt Party

Inform people you plan on inviting that you are having a surprise scavenger hunt 21st birthday party for the birthday person and find out if any of them can help hand out clues. Make a list of different places you want the birthday person to go. These should be places that the birthday person is familiar with. Write a clue that will direct the birthday person to each place. Meet the birthday person at their house and give them their first clue. Ask a different party guest to meet them at each location and hand them their next clue. Have the remainder of the guests "hide" at the last location where everyone can eat from a menu filled with the birthday person's favorite foods and socialize with each other. Decorate the last location beforehand or ask some of the guests to do it while you are waiting for the birthday person.

Wine and Cheese Party

Attach party information to a wine glass and hand deliver it to guests to let them know you are throwing a wine and cheese surprise 21st birthday party. Decorate the party area with balloons and streamers in the birthday person's favorite color. Set out different wine glasses on the table with the name of the guest that glass is for. Put a block of cheese and a bottle of wine with the birthday person's name on them on the door step of the party place for the birthday person to find. When the birthday person opens the door, yell "surprise." Place different cheeses on a tray and try to have guests guess the kind of cheese. Serve different types of finger foods, such as fruit and crackers.