How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart in Excel

Assigned seating at a wedding ensures that the bride and groom sit near their closest family and friends. It also allows guests who know each other to sit together. Putting together seating assignments can be challenging because it requires making sure everyone has a seat with someone they know and like and away from any rivals to avoid conflict. You can track and plan your wedding seating chart in Excel, so all you have to do is print out a spreadsheet, and you’re ready to set out those place cards on your big day.

Open your guest list in Excel. Create a numbering system where you have a column for table numbers.

Create a new Excel document. Select "View" on the main toolbar and then "Header and Footer." In the "Header and Footer" box, type in the name of the event “Your Last Name: Wedding" into the header section. Then, click the "OK" button to save your changes.

Select “View” on the main toolbar, and then select “Toolbars” and “Drawing.” Use the shape tools to create the layout of your room, and add tables. You can choose rectangles, squares or circles for the tables depending on what you’ll be using at your reception.

Use the text tool to add numbers to the center of the table. This will help you designate who sits where and keep things organized.

Go through your guest list on the other Excel spreadsheet, and add names to the tables where people will sit. Type these in with the text tool. Then, enter the table number on your original Excel guest list spreadsheet so that you have another way to reference where people are seated.

Print out a copy of the guest list spreadsheet as well as the table layout spreadsheet with the names assigned to each seat.