How to Set Up a Page for Class Reunions & Post it in Facebook

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Facebook links people around the world. Friends who have not seen each other in a long time can use the website to reconnect. It allows friends to share pictures, interests and information online. The rapid increase in the number of Facebook users has made it a useful tool for organizing parties and other functions. Reuniting old classmates for a reunion can be a daunting task. Using Facebook to organize the event may help get everyone together with little trouble.

Set up a Facebook account and add friends using the search people tool.

Select events in the left-hand column of the home page. The column is also present in your profile page.

Select the "Create an Event" button at the top of the events.

Fill in the blank boxes with the information and description of the reunion. This includes the date and time, the type of event, where the reunion will be held and other pertinent information.

Select the guests. Click on the "Select Guest" button below the event information. A window containing your Facebook friends will appear. Select any of these friends whom you wish to invite to the reunion.

Click the "Invite by E-mail Address" box at the bottom of the window to invite old classmates who are either not on Facebook or are not your Facebook friend.

Add a personal message to the invitation. This is optional. Select the "Add a Personal Message" text in the bottom left corner of the window. Write the message in the text box. Click the "Save and Close" button when finished.

Uncheck the box labeled "Anyone can view and RSVP (public event)." This will ensure the invitation goes out only to the chosen Facebook friends. You may also uncheck the box labeled "Show the guest list on the event page" if you do not want guests to see who else has been invited.

Choose a photo for the reunion page. Click the "Add a Photo" button at the top left of the screen. Select a photo from your computer. An old class photo may be a useful tool for sparking people's interest in the reunion.

Click the "Create Event" button at the bottom of the page when finished. Guests will receive an invitation and will see the reunion in their Facebook events page. You can track the guest confirmations using this page.