How to Find a Person Who Was in the Marines

by Melinda Gaines

Often, those who used to be acquainted with a current or former Marine want to find them to see how they're doing and keep in contact. Finding someone who served in the United States Marine Corps can be challenging--their contact information is usually protected. This can make catching up with an old friend, family member, or Marine you served with difficult and disheartening. Fortunately, there are a few free or relatively inexpensive ways to find someone who was in the Marines.

Use the Marine Corps World Wide Locator by calling (703) 784-3942. You may be required to provide the Social Security number, full name, rank or service number of the Marine for which you're looking. The Marine locator won't give you a Marine's phone number or address, but they can typically forward a letter for you to their last known address.

Browse a free online military directory such as Vet Friends, The Few, Military Seeking or Military Network. These sources of information are typically updated and accurate, since the information is submitted by former Marines and veterans themselves, and the purpose of these databases is to reconnect those who served together.

Join a social networking site such as MySpace or Facebook and browse their member directory. Many former Marines have a profile on these sites so that they can keep connected with those they served with, as well as friends and family members. You can also look through the group listings on social network sites, particularly those made for military and Marine Corps veterans.

Use a paid information service such as People Finders or Intelius. The downside to these services is they're not specifically for finding military personnel and may not have the most up-to-date contact information for the Marine for which you're searching. The cost of an information search ranges from about $2 to find an email address or phone number to $30 to find past and current addresses and the names of close relatives.


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