Plan a Fake Wedding Online

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Almost every little girl grows up dreaming about her ideal, fantasy wedding day. While you may know exactly how you want every detail to be, you may not be at the stage of your life where you’re actually planning your wedding. Whether you’re single, in a relationship but not engaged or engaged but not yet planning your dream wedding with your Mr. Right, you can still have the fun of creating your dream day.

Visit a website that allows you to map out your dream wedding day for free. Sites like Wedding Wire and The Knot offer this service (see "Resources"). You’ll need to sign up for an account, providing your name, email address and fictional wedding date. You may have to confirm your account before you continue planning by clicking on the confirmation link included in the email the site sends you.

Fill in basic information, like the city and state where you’ll be married. this information is false, but make up either your projected information or where you’d like to be married in your wildest dreams. Choose your wedding venue from local spots that hold big events. Expansive restaurants, catering halls and golf courses all tend to host weddings.

Decide where you want your ceremony. You may want to simply be married in your local town or city hall and have a reception party for guests, or you may want to be married in front of your loved ones in a church or at your reception venue.

Choose your wedding colors and design your reception around your theme. Reception design heavily deals with your table settings and centerpieces. Choose centerpieces that don’t necessarily include flowers; instead, use fruit or candles to add to your table.

Track your budget. See how you’ll fit your plans into a down-to-earth budget. Enter your estimated wedding budget and adjust your preferences to fit your limit.

Pick your vendors. Research videographers, photographers, DJs, live bands and caterers in your area. Decide which options you’ll absolutely need and which you can do without.