How to Design Your Own Virtual Wedding

wedding celebration image by Warren Millar from

Organizing a wedding is an exciting experience in a couple's life. But so much planning, visualizing and organization are involved in a wedding it can make a new bride and groom frazzled. Designing a wedding is made easier in the age of technology through virtual wedding designers, where the bride can preview everything from the dress to the cake to the exact seating arrangement before the big day arrives.

Build an online wedding bouquet, and bouquets of flowers for all your bridesmaids. Find a program which allows for bouquet design, such as the designer on "Designed by the Bride." Note the types and colors of flowers in your perfect virtual bouquet for imitation in an actual flower shop.

Choose the formal wear for every person in the wedding party. A great template for virtual outfitting of the wedding party is David's Bridal's "Dress Your Wedding" template. Once the dresses have been designed, a bride may order from David's Bridal, but the image can be emailed if you'd like to take your business elsewhere.

Create a virtual wedding cake to see the cake before it is finished. "Brides" hosts a virtual wedding cake designer which allows the bride to email the results once she has created her perfect cake.

Find a perfect table design using software to create a virtual table setting, such as the software at "BBJ Linen." Ideas can be saved and shared through this virtual designer.