How to Buy Food for Inmates

by Palmer Owyoung

If you know someone that is in jail, buying food for them can lift their spirits. However, sending food to someone in jail isn't as simple as just boxing up a bag of groceries and putting it in the mail. Only certain types of foods can be sent in certain types of containers. The wrong things may be thrown in the garbage. If you want to make sure that your package gets to the inmate, then there are a few websites that specialize in delivering packages to prisoners.

Access Securepak is a package program in the correctional industry and has delivers more than 1,000 products including food, persona- hygiene products, electronics and clothing. The site allows you to shop online and send packages directly to correctional facilities all across the United States without the need for it to be X-rayed when it arrives, which means it will get there quickly and safely.

Bust the Move is a service that provides thousands of goods that you can send to prisoners. Some of these include clothing, cosmetics, personal care products, foot wear, watches and of course food. However all products are not allowed at all facilities, which is labeled. This site only services inmates incarcerated in New York State.

My Care Pack delivers pre-packaged food packages with themes, such as the hot and spicy, the holiday, and chocolate package. Their services is allowed at correctional facilities throughout the United States. Delivery usually takes two to seven days.

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