How to Donate Clothing to Refugees

When you donate clothes to refugees, you can be sure they will be put to good use. It also gives you a good reason to get rid of those extra items that have been sitting in your closet too long.

Go through your closet and ask other family members to do the same. Fill boxes with the items that are in good condition and still have a lot of life left in them. Don't forget to look through your shoes. In the right climate, remember that warm coats, hats and gloves may be especially welcome.

Remember refugees the next time you are at a rummage or yard sale where they offer a grocery bag full of items for a certain price. If you only want one or two items, fill the rest of the bag with other good quality, useful clothing you can add to your donation stash.

Locate a refugee resettlement agency in your area. You may want to look for a local organization or search for a branch of one of the well-established agencies, such as World Relief, Lutheran Social Services or Catholic Charities.

Call and ask the agency when and where you could donate clothing. Ask also if there are any particular items that are in high demand, or if there are things they do not accept. For high-demand items, tell your friends and neighbors about the need so they too can donate clothes if they wish.

Check the Refugee International website or one ask at one of the agencies mentioned in Step 3 if you would like to donate clothes to refugees in other countries. Make sure your donations are appropriate for the climate of the country. Be prepared to pay a good bit for postage.