How to Price Old Handbags

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Fashion bags are a girl's best friend, and with different colors, patterns and styles it's a wonder they have anywhere to store them. So for women who have old purses that they are ready to let go of the question may not even arise whether they want to sell the bag, but how much to sell it for. For bags and purses purchased 10 years ago or more, finding the correct selling price can be tricky.

Compare available bags. Go to an auction or shopping wtebsite such as, or Click on the search bar and type in the name of your purse. Be as specific as possible when trying to find your purse. Go through the first few pages of results and notice the average selling rate of the same purse. Price your bag according to the results. It is important to keep in mind the condition of your bag when pricing -- your old Louis Vuitton may have cost you upwards of $1000, but if the handle has now ripped off and the seams have all come undone it may be best to let it go for far less.

Get the bag appraised. Submit photos, date of purchase, age of bag, bag condition and any other information necessary about your purse to such websites as or for an appraisal. It should be noted that some websites require an agreement that you will allow them to purchase the bag from you before you get it appraised. You can also hire a professional appraiser by looking up "appraisers" in the phone book.

Ask a boutique owner. Many boutiques will buy items from locals, such as old handbags, for resale if they are in a well-kept condition. Approach both vintage and non-vintage boutiques that are appropriate for the bag you are selling and ask them how much they would pay for your bag.

Use your own judgment. If you bought a purse in 1980 for $100 that is still in excellent condition in present day, you should be able to raise the price one to two hundred dollars extra and possibly much more than that. Keep in mind where your bag came from, as people will pay more for designer or vintage bags, even if they are in less than pristine condition. For example, the 1950’s Lucite plastic purse is valued today at $900.