How to Keep a Coach Satin Bag Clean

Coach is an American manufacturer of fine leather goods including shoes, handbags, belts and wallets. If you have a Coach bag that appears to be satin, it's likely made of jacquard fabric. Jacquard is durable, but it's not resistant to stains, dirt and residue. Fortunately, you can maintain the integrity of your Coach bag with little effort.

Use a paper towel to blot up any surface stains immediately after they occur. For instance, if you spill milk down the side of your bag, blot up the mess but don't rub it. You can make a habit out of blotting your bag at least once a week to keep it clean.

Find a conspicuous area on the bag where you can test a cleaning method. Testing a small area that's hidden from view is important so that you can be sure that you won't damage the bag completely with the product you'll use. The inside of your bag or the underside of it are good places for testing.

Blot out stubborn stains with a mild baby wipe. The detergent that's used in mild baby wipes is gentle enough that it won't damage the bag's fabric. Follow up with a gentle drying using a clean white cloth so that the moisture from the baby wipe doesn't linger.

Store your Coach bag in a cotton or linen bag and place it in a dry room that's low in temperature to keep it from getting dusty. Avoid using plastic bags or storage bins for your handbag since the plastic could trap heat and moisture and eventually cause damage.