How to Clean a Soft Leather Prada Handbag

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You carry your favorite leather Prada handbag everywhere. The bag can take everyday use, but it can get dirty. When cleaning a soft leather Prada bag, you should check with the manufacturer for specific instructions. If you are still having trouble getting dirt off your bag, there are simple ways to accomplish the task. Soon your beloved Prada handbag will look and feel as though it were just purchased.

Test a small area on the handbag to ensure that the cleaning products don’t dry or lighten the material. If that small area gets damaged you may want to seek professional assistance. If the test is successful, you can begin cleaning the entire area of the handbag that's dirty.

Dampen one of the rags with warm water, and apply a dime-size amount of hand soap. The rag should not be soaking wet but slightly damp.

Rub the soapy rag on the handbag. Rub gently and avoid working the soap into a heavy lather. You don’t want the leather to absorb the moisture.

Remove the soapy residue from the handbag with another damp rag. At this time your handbag should be clean. Remember, the damp rag should not be soaking wet but slightly damp. Wipe away any water residue with a dry rag.

Apply a dime-size amount of olive oil to a dry rag. Gently rub the rag on the area you just cleaned. The olive oil will condition the leather and restore its shine, according to But if your handbag becomes sticky, darker or shinier than usual, you have used too much oil. If you don’t want to use olive oil, you can buy a leather protectant to condition the cleaned area. You can purchase protectant at a shoe store, or contact Prada and inquire about leather protectant. Prada may recommend a specific product.