How do I Care for Eel Skin Handbags?

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An eel skin handbag can be the perfect accessory for that snazzy outfit, but not if the bag looks beaten up and aged. Bags made of eel skin generally are quite durable, but like any product can fade over time and after repeated uses. Fortunately, regular maintenance can ensure a top quality shine for your bag. Applying a thin coat of colorless shoe wax regularly is an easy way to protect a bag's sheen and ensure it keeps looking great for years to come.

Eel Skin Handbag Care

Monitor the quality of the handbag as time passes.

Apply a thin layer of colorless shoe wax if the bag begins to look faded or damaged. Apply the wax with a clean cloth, and make sure every part is equally covered. Be sure to cover the entire bag with the wax to ensure an even shine.

Wipe any excess wax off the bag after applying it. Make sure the layer of wax is thick enough that the bag retains its shine, but not so thick that the bag feels tacky or slimy.