How to Clean a Burberry Purse

by Robin Neorr

Burberry was invented in 1856 by a drapery apprentice names Thomas Burberry. the famous check pattern that Burberry is known for was trademarked in 1920 and has remained a symbol of luxury and quality. Gentle cleaning of your Burberry bag will keep it the luxury bag it was made to be.

Items you will need

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Q-tips
  • Baby wipes

Clean a Burberry Purse

Step 1

It is best to work with an empty purse so remove all contents.

Step 2

Examine the outside of the bag. If you see any stains or discolorations you will want to take a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and gently swab the area until the stain is removed.

Step 3

Once all stains have been removed you will want to wipe the entire bag with a baby wipe. baby wipes are gentle enough to be used on a regular basis to keep your Burberry clean.

Step 4

Repeat this once a month for best results.

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