How to Tell the Difference Between an Authentic and Fake Juicy Couture Bag

Juicy Couture Celebrates FNO 2010 at 5th Avenue

Lisa Lake/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The casual brand Juicy Couture puts out a line of high-end handbags that replica makers love. As of 2011, the bags all cost more than $120 on the Juicy Couture website. The replicas will usually sell for much less. If you care about getting a real one, you should check for some common traits that only appear on authentic bags.

Juicy Couture has pink inside labels that say "Made in the USA" or "Made in China." The bags made before the 2003 acquisition by Liz Claiborne were all made in the United States.

Look at the buttons and zippers. Juicy Couture bags have a "J" on the zipper pulls. Most of them are in leather emblems like crowns or hearts embossed into the buttons or studs. The "J" is also on a mirror inside the bag.

Juicy Couture bags are always made of high-quality leather. It never looks like plastic, and it does not feel smooth. The inside lining is always cotton fabric that should feel smooth.

The interior of the bag can differ from style to style, but usually matches the overall appearance. A pink princess type bag may have crown fabric, while a distinguished leather bag will have a tan interior.

Inspect the stitches around the entire bag. Fakes may have sloppy or loose stitching. A real bag never does, and all of its stitches are in straight lines.