How to Spot Kathy Van Zeeland Fakes

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Kathy Van Zeeland has been a designer of primarily women's handbags since 2004. Even though she's not considered a high fashion designer, such as Prada or Dolce & Gabbana, some of her designs are still mimicked in the form of low-quality fakes, sold for extremely low prices. Telltale design flaws exist with these low-quality fakes. Once you become adept at spotting them you'll easily differentiate between real bags and those made by imitators.

Check for the key fob. All of Kathy Van Zeeland's bags come with a decorative key fob that usually features her signature crown symbol. A bag with no key fob is surely a knockoff.

Check to see that the metal of the key fob (if there is one) matches the metal of the zippers. Imitators occasionally mismatch these items.

Check the inside. Kathy Van Zeeland bags all have a small square label on the interior of the bag. The label is sewn by the inside zippered pocket. It is more often than not robin's egg blue and bears the name "Kathy Van Zeeland."

Examine the lining. The lining on a Kathy Van Zeeland bag is always patterned. It's not always the same pattern; sometimes it varies between an outline of miniature handbags or something resembling flowers. However, a solid color lining is a sure sign of a fake.