How to Spot Fake Ed Hardy Shirts

Spotting fake or counterfeit name-brand clothing can be tough. The Ed Hardy brand has been replicated to the point that the authentic shirts are hard to differentiate from the fakes. Ed Hardy shirts have some distinctive features that can help you to tell an original from a copy. Other Ed Hardy items have their own tags and identifying characteristics.

Price is a consideration when determining if you are getting a genuine Ed Hardy article. Ed Hardy shirts are expensive, so if a seller is offering one for $10, chances are it is not real. You can expect to pay four to five times that for an Ed Hardy shirt that is on sale.

Look at the sewn-in tag at the neck. Genuine Ed Hardy shirts have long, rectangular sewn-in tags. Short, folded tags are a sign that the shirt is counterfeit. Genuine shirts also have a bulldog wearing a checkered hat and a rhinestone necklace on the sewn-in tag. Shirts with a tiger tag are not real. The tag should also include the company website: for older shirts and for newer shirts.

Examine the hang tag that is attached to the bulldog tag. It should have a skull with red roses on it. This is another indication that you are getting a genuine Ed Hardy shirt. The hang tag will also list the style, name and color of the shirt.

Turn the shirt inside-out. Look for a micro-stitched tag with a serial number on it, which will be present on all authentic Ed Hardy shirts.

Look at the initial packaging. Ed Hardy shirts aren't sold in plain clear plastic bags. An authentic article comes in a plastic bag with "Ed Hardy" written on it, along with a sticker describing the item.

Notice the detail on the shirt in question. Genuine Ed Hardy shirts have vibrant design colors that resemble real tattoo art. Many shirts will have a foil design, and it shouldn't look ironed on. The material should be really soft and thick, not thin. Any rhinestones on the shirt should appear within the borders.

Look beneath the armpit areas of the shirt. Some Ed Hardy shirts read "By Christian Audigier" underneath the left armpit, never on the right side. Most have "Ed Hardy" written across the upper chest area.