How do I Get Free Clothing Racks?

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Clothing racks provide an efficient, organized way to display different clothing styles and sizes. Apparel stores commonly utilize several types of clothing racks. These include single- and double-rail racks, wheeled Z-racks that provide mobile display space, and heavy-duty racks that accommodate weighty coats and jackets. Some clothing racks feature sturdy top or bottom shelves for more display space. Other standard clothing racks include two-way and four-way racks that use horizontal display bars to separate similar-style clothing by size or color.

Find clothing stores preparing to close their doors. Browse your city’s retail districts, and search for clothing stores with “Going Out of Business” or “Store Closing” signs. Look for similar ads in your local newspaper. Offer to remove the clothing racks when the store ceases its operations.

Consult with your local Chamber of Commerce. Your city’s Chamber of Commerce staff maintains awareness of local businesses’ openings and closings. Ask your Chamber's staff about current or upcoming clothing store closings that require immediate evacuation of the store space. Ask about store downsizings or consolidations with other stores as well. Visit the affected stores immediately, and offer to haul away the free racks without delay. Locate your local Chamber of Commerce through the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Visit clothing industry trade show exhibitors. Apparel industry trade shows feature fashions and accessories sold by many types of retailers. Although some trade shows are restricted to business customers, other events welcome public attendance as well. Visit a regional clothing trade show, and note any exhibitors with clearance or liquidation rack signs. Inquire about the business’s need for the racks after the show. If free racks are available, arrange to take them away immediately after the show concludes.

Contact a used clothing fixture company. Used clothing fixture resellers purchase clothing racks from stores going out of business or downsizing their store space. Although rack inventory varies, popular rack styles such as two-way, four-way and round racks are commonly available. Many used racks are in good or better condition, but others may require parts or repairs. Offer to haul away the non-functional clothing racks so the store can make room for profitable merchandise.

Place a newspaper classified ad. Contact your local newspaper’s classified department, and schedule a “Merchandise Wanted” ad in that newspaper and any affiliated publications. Carefully structure the ad so readers know you are only interested in free clothing racks. Offer to pick up the racks in a timely fashion.