How to Buy Haute Couture Fashion

Haute couture is the best the designers have to offer. Every year these products appear on the runways at the major fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London and even in some New York City fashion shows. Most often though, the latest haute couture fashions appear on the runways during Fashion Week. These clothes are designed to be one of a kind items that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, which can make finding and buying them a little difficult. If you want to buy haute couture fashions, grab a plane ticket and get ready to visit the shows during Fashion Week.

Make sure you have the money in the bank before looking at haute couture fashions. A dress from one of these lines can easily bring tens of thousands of dollars, while an entire outfit can cost more than a house.

Meet the right people. Before you can score an invitation to one of the shows where the clothing is sold, you first have to introduce yourself to the right people.

Visit one of the famous fashion shows in Paris or Milan. Here you can buy haute couture clothing directly from runway.

Schedule an appointment at one of the designer’s stores. Versace for example, makes dresses and other types of haute couture clothing at their flagship store in New York City.

Set up a private meeting with designers that don’t have fashion shows such as those that are just starting out in the business. A large number of clothing designers offer private meetings and fittings for interested customers.