How to Tell the Difference Between Real & Fake Puma Jackets

Puma, a clothing brand from Germany, faces the challenge of companies creating look alikes and selling them as authentic Puma gear. Although Puma originates in Germany, the clothing is made in countries including Turkey, China and India, so it's difficult to tell if it's authentic just by where it's made. Look out for fake puma jackets with these tips.

Locate a reputable sportswear retailer. Chain stores and stores that sell brand name items are not going to sell fake Puma jackets.

Check for a tag in the jacket. Fake Puma clothing often is missing a tag, but still has a version of the logo somewhere on the jacket.

Look at the direction the panther is facing. real puma logos have the word "Puma" with a panther jumping over, facing the left. Fake logos will sometimes have the panther going the wrong way.

Wash the jacket. If the colors fade or it shrinks, it's a fake. Puma clothing is high quality; hence, the expensive price tag.