How to Tell if a Burberry Constance Quilted Jacket is Counterfeit

The Burberry Constance Quilted Jacket is a designer jacket for women that normally retails for $650. If you purchased your Burberry jacket from any other place other than an authorized retailer, then there is chance that your jacket could be counterfeit — that is the risk you take if you buy your Burberry jacket used or online. There are certain things you can check for to make sure your Burberry jacket is genuine.

Check the label. The label is the most important component for determining your jacket's authenticity. Burberry is made in London. If your jacket is missing this fact or if it was made anywhere else, it's a phony.

Study the fabric and material. The reason Burberry is so expensive is because they use high quality, expensive materials. Yes, you are paying for the name, but you are also getting a good product. Fake Constance Quilted Jackets won't have the same feel or quality level. Trust your instincts. If your gut is telling you it's a fake, then it probably is.

Check the pattern. All name brand products have a logo or pattern that is copyrighted and cannot be replicated easily. The Burberry Constance Quilted Jacket has very intricate stitching. Go to an official retailer and really study the jacket before you buy the jacket anywhere else. Alternatively, compare a photo of the real thing to the jacket you are offered. If there are any inconsistencies, you are looking at a fake.