How to Tell How Old Levi's Jackets Are

by Lindsay Zortman ; Updated September 28, 2017

Authentic Levi's jackets increase in value as they age. So being able to determine the age of a Levi's jacket can be helpful if you are interested in buying one from a garage sale or thrift store and then reselling it online. The stitching, patches and red Levi's tag are all indicators of how old a Levi's Jacket is.

Step 1

Examine the stitching around the waistline of the Levi's jacket. If you see only a single layer of stitching near the bottom button hole, the jacket was made between the mid-1960s and 1971. Double-stitching in this area was available only after 1971.

Step 2

Find the red Levi's tab. Levi's made earlier than 1971 feature a big "E" in the word "Levi's." Newer versions feature only a capital "L"; all other letters are lowercase.

Step 3

Check for pleats. Levi's jackets from the 1940s and earlier have a front pleat on either side of the center buttons. You may not find a red tab at all on these early jackets, but the pleating will help date the garment.

Step 4

Count the number of pockets. Jackets from the 1940s only have one pocket, and it's on the breast. Newer Levi's jackets have four pockets: Two breast pockets and two side pockets are on Levi's jackets from the mid 1980s to the 21st century.

Step 5

Look for two front pockets and double pleats in the front on either side of the center buttons as well as a red Levi's tab featuring a capital "E." This second-edition jacket is highly sought after. It was made between the 1940s and the late 1950s.

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