How to Tell Real Burberry Infant Clothes From Fake

If your newborn is wearing Burberry, then he or she is one lucky baby. But you want to make sure your child is wearing the real thing. If you purchase your Burberry onesies at stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales, then you can be confident that the clothes are authentic. But if you want to buy your Burberry elsewhere then you'll need to know how to spot fake infant apparel.

Check the label first. The label is your best clue for being able to tell the difference between real and phony baby Burberry. Go to high-end department stores and study the label and compare it to your product's label. Check the location of the label, the colors of the stitching, the place of manufacture and the exact design of the logo.The slightest difference means it is a fake--for a brand as expensive as Burberry, there is never even the slightest manufacturing defect.

Feel the material. Read the materials label to know what the blend it is and where the material came from. If your infant clothes don't feel high quality or if the label lists different materials, then it is a knock-off.

Check the stitching. Burberry stitching is intricate and double-stitched. If your item has inferior stitching then it is most definitely fake. Being familiar with genuine Burberry is your best defense against buying fake Burberry apparel, whether for your baby or for yourself.