How Tell a Real Versace Tie

tie image by Joann Cooper from

Versace produces a large range of pure silk neckties. The colors and patterns change with each season, and they have more than one logo. This makes it difficult to quickly spot a counterfeit tie. Genuine Versace ties retail at $100-$300. It is possible to find them for a cheaper price, but there's no guarantee that your getting a true Versace item, particularly if your buying from an auction site.

Lay down the tie in front of you. Turn it over so you're looking at the back. Look at the triangle section where the lining is visible. Most genuine Versace ties have GIANNI VERSACE written in the fabric of the tie. Check the spelling, and make sure it is in capital letters. Some genuine ties have just VERSACE and The Medusa heads. The Medusa should have ribbons coming out of it, that go up toward the knot of the tie and then down again. Many counterfeit Versace ties have the ribbons flowing in the wrong direction, other counterfeits have random animals. If it's not Medusa, it's not Versace.

Check the label, it should not be blue. Do not fall for "It's a limited edition blue label"; Versace tie labels are black or white. The black label ones are generally more expensive than the white labels ones.

Feel the fabric. All Versace ties are pure silk. If it feels synthetic, it's a fake.

Examine the hem around the point. Versace gives a 1/2-inch fold over at the hem. Fake ties often have a thin fold over.

Ask for closeup photos if your buying online. If the seller won't send you the specific pictures you ask for, then they are probably trying to hide something. Don't buy a tie with no pictures.