How to Tell Fake American Eagle Outfitters

by Kayla Layne Crawford

Many popular fashion brands are counterfeited.

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American Eagle Outfitters is a popular fashion brand that utilizes classic styles such as oxford shirts, polos, and denim. American Eagle Outfitters produces clothing for men and women. The brand also manufactures accessories such as necklaces, sunglasses and footwear. Like other popular brands, there are counterfeit American Eagle products; however, it is usually fairly easy to spot a knockoff.

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Browse American Eagle's website or visit one of its retail locations. Pay close attention to the weight and feel of the material of the clothing. Authentic American Eagle Outfitters utilize better materials than counterfeit products.

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Analyze the style and design of authentic American Eagle products. If the style of a product doesn't seem to fit the American Eagle brand, it could be counterfeit. Pay close attention if American Eagle's iconic eagle logo is present on the item. On authentic AE apparel, the logo will be more detailed than on a counterfeit.

The eagle logo used on items such as polo shirts and T-shirts has its wings stretched, talons in a clawing motion and the beak is shown The logo may be stitched, screen printed or on a patch that is sewn. The size and color of the logo also varies depending on the item.

American Eagle uses distinctive stitching patterns on the back pockets of its jeans. On men's denim, the pattern is located toward the bottom of the pocket, while on women's denim, the stitching is thicker and the pattern is different.

Step 3

Assess where you are purchasing American Eagle items if you are not shopping at an AE location or on the official website. Online auction sites are notorious for selling counterfeit fashion products. Even if an online seller displays detailed photos of the item, it is best to contact the seller and ask questions such as where the item was purchased and if original tags are still attached. Ask if there is a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Step 4

Check prices of authentic American Eagle items. Graphic T-shirts range from $19.50 to $24.50. Jeans for men and women are $29.50 to $49.50, as of April 2011. American Eagle frequently has items on sale at retail locations and online; however, if a price seems too good to be true and you are not purchasing directly from American Eagle Outfitters, it is possible that the merchandise is counterfeit.


  • If you spot a counterfeit American Eagle product, notify American Eagle Outfitters. The selling and manufacturing of counterfeit items is illegal in the United States.

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