How to Tell Fake Armani Exchanges

The Armani brand is the parent company to a host of other brands, most of which are designed for a specific purpose. Armani Exchange is the North American brand for Armani, and while Armani Exchange tends to be more moderately priced, there are still Armani Exchange replica items available to cut costs and trick unsuspecting consumers into purchasing a knock-off piece. Look for certain clues if you think that you are looking at fake armani Exchange merchandise. You may find that what you thought was real is only a clever knock-off.

Understand that Armani has several brands, so just because it doesn't expressly say "Armani Exchange" on the label doesn't mean it's not a true Armani, it just may not be Armani Exchange. The Armani brand houses smaller brands like Armani Jeans, Mani, Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani Neve, Giorgio Armani Golf, Armani Collezioni, Giorgio Armani, Giorgio Armani Classico and Armani Prive. Your garment may be one of these brands. If the name brand doesn't match up with one of these, there is a good chance that it's fake.

Examine the label. An Armani Exchange garment will have a label that reads "A/X" for it to be real. Note how the label is attached to the garment. A true Armani Exchange will have it sewn on, not glued like a lot of replica-selling manufacturers will do to save time and money.

Look for the signature Armani eagle on the garment. Armani Exchange does not use the Armani eagle as a logo, but sometimes a fake manufacturer will add the eagle, thinking it makes the Armani garment look more authentic. If you find an eagle logo on your Armani Exchange, it's a fake. A line of shirts has the eagle design on them but it is not used as a logo, and those are genuine.

Consider the design and coloring of the garment. Armani is not known for wild patterns and crazy colors. It is known for well cut and designed staples that can be matched and worn with anything. Any Armani Exchange piece that has designs like paint splatters, worn in marks or graffiti is not true Armani Exchange.

Examine the quality of the item. While the Armani Exchange label is a more economical North American brand of Armani that is mostly manufactured in China, the quality should still reflect that of a true Armani garment. Stitching will be even and neat, and clothing will be fully lined. Garments with hanging threads or imperfections in the stitching are not real Armani Exchange.