How to Find a Girl Who Loves Video Games & Anime

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The couple who plays together stays together, so it stands to reason that the couple who enjoys pulse-pounding mecha action or bishoujo dramas should also have a decent shot at staying together as well. Finding a girl who likes anime and video games can be a difficult task, but the challenge in finding your perfect mate can make the relationship much more rewarding than one in which you are settling for someone who doesn't get you or your interests. Finding a girl who shares your interests may require stepping outside of your comfort zone, while also displaying a healthy sense of humility.

Clean Up Your Act

Just because you're looking for a girl who likes video games and anime does not mean that she is looking for someone who looks like a stereotypical gamer. Spend some time cleaning up your appearance by getting a fresh hair cut, shave and maintaining basic standards of personal hygiene. While your collection of Evangelion and Sailor Moon t-shirts may impress your anime-loving girl later, take a dabble into including other, more trendy, attire into your wardrobe.

Look in the Right Places

You won't have much luck looking for a girl at a midnight release of the latest Xbox 360 game if there are nothing but men in the crowd. Look for events that may draw a diverse crowd of people out, from conventions to organizations and clubs at your school. While the bar scene may not normally be the place to find a gamer girl, look for signs such as character jewelry or accessories to help spark a conversation.

Get Out of Your Shell

While anime and video game conventions are filled with events and activities to spur the interests of fans, a growing number of conventions have begun including social events into their calendar of events. This includes activities like cocktail hours and dances. Though you may not normally associate with these types of social gatherings, there is the chance that girls at conventions do.

Pick Your Battles

Approaching a girl at an anime convention or student organization can be hit or miss. Girls at conventions may feel overwhelmed by the amount of attention given to them by guys in attendance and may have been hit on hundreds of times by the time you make your move. If you notice that a girl seems overwhelmed, nervous or just not interested, move on rather than trying to gain her attention.

Keep Trying

While trying to find a girl who likes video games and anime is tough, so is dating in general. Like finding any other girl, finding the right girl may take months or even years of looking. Don't discourage yourself if that cute girl in the anime club doesn't return your texts, there are other game-loving girls out there.