How to Attract the Artsy Type Woman

Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

“Opposites attract,” or so cliché goes, except according to the 2007 Columbia University study by Paul Ingram and Michael W. Morris that concluded people seek out others like themselves. Artsy type women are eccentric, free-spirited personalities with quirky imaginations and innate creativity – who often seem exotic and elusive. The key to attracting these bohemian ladies lies in projecting common artistic beliefs and interests through your appearance, activities and knowledge.

Dress Eclectic

Artistic women pride themselves on their creative individuality, so a wardrobe of off-the-rack apparel worn by every Tom, Dick and Harry simply won’t do. Appearance makes the first impression, so outfit yourself in one-of-a-kind items from vintage shops, or handmade accessories found at flea markets and local art fairs. While outfit originality is essential, take care not to overdo your look with too many unique pieces or you’ll look like you’re trying too hard in your artsy costume. Instead stick to wearing simple basics and one or two standout pieces, such as a hand-painted jeans and a hand-carved necklace.

Be Seen in the Scene

Whether the artsy woman of your dreams is a sculptor, writer, actor, musician, filmmaker, or painter, chances are slim that you’ll meet her at the local chain coffee shop or dance club. Up your chances of catching a creative lady’s eye by frequenting the types of locales and events she’s sure to enjoy, such as an art gallery, a play or a musical performance. While attending a large-scale event, such as a local festival or concert, may seem to increase your odds by the sheer number of artsy women present, it’s challenging to get to know someone in a large crowd. Stick to smaller events at intimate venues where you may find fewer bohemian women to choose from, but you’ll have a better shot at a few moments alone with one.

Talk Art

While reputedly fickle and flighty, artistic women are dedicated and well-spoken when it comes to their craft, and if you can’t keep up the conversation, you won’t hold their interest for long. Women know when a prospective partner is feigning interest or pretending to know more than they actually do, so take time to learn a little about the arts your chosen creative lady may be interested in. Brushing up on the various mediums, eras, artists, genres and techniques demonstrates respect for her and her craft, however there’s no need to become an art expert. She’ll be attracted to you if you demonstrate a genuine interest in her work, and happy to teach you the finer points of her artistic passion as you get to know one another.

Dabble in a Craft

Artsy women appreciate your efforts to talk intelligently about their craft, and they absolutely adore when go so far as to dabble in the arts yourself. Enrolling in an art, film, writing or acting class is not only a great way to meet an artistic woman; it provides common ground to fuel those first awkward conversations. After all, not only do you know about their art medium, you’ve experienced it for yourself. There’s no need to be a great artistic talent yourself to take a class, artistic women enjoy discussing how the paintbrush moved, or the scene was lit, or the sentence flowed, regardless of how your own artistic endeavors turned out.