How to Repair Prada

needle with red thread image by Veniamin Kraskov from

Miuccia Prada's eponymous fashion line is crafted from lush fabrics along intricate, tailored lines. Prada doesn't often fall apart, but accidents and age have an effect on even the finest clothes. Even the most careful Prada wearer will experience the odd missing button, rip or scuff on their prized possession. If this happens to you, don't fret. Instead, repair your fashion investment the right way using both experienced help and careful self-help.

Like most high-end designer clothing lines, Prada prides itself on providing thorough customer service. One of the first places to ask for help is a Prada store. If that doesn't work, there are several other methods of salvaging your Italian fashion find.

Inquire at the nearest Prada store to see if they can offer assistance under warranty. In cases of product defect, Prada itself can send the garment, shoe or accessory out to a chosen repair facility at their cost. If this service isn't available, request a recommendation for quality repair services in the area.

Take damaged Prada shoes to a reputable, experienced shoe repair shop that knows quality Italian footwear. Since Prada shoes are handcrafted, they must be handled with high levels of care and skill. Look for a shoe repair shop in an affluent neighborhood, or near high-end boutiques.

Fix small garment problems on your own, but only if you're an expert with a needle and thread. To sew on a button is simple, but some button styles may require a special sewing technique to match the Prada look. Small tears in the seam may also be hand-stitched. If a rip is in a structurally important area, such as the crotch or in the bust area, use a sewing machine to finish instead of hand stitching.

Refresh your worn Prada purse through a designer purse specialty shop. Internet-based companies will refurbish a purse, from lining to hardware, for a nominal fee. For best results, make certain that the repair shop can obtain the same hardware and findings as the original purse, and that they're an authorized refurbishing center.